Pink sunsets and flowers!

So this look is a little bit batty haha I maybe just a little tiny bit went overboard haha I’ve been trying to play with different shapes and geometric patterns to change things up a bit! I started out initially with just the pink and yellow shadows but I’ve done that before and decided I felt boring so I just kept adding things! In the end it reminded me of a flower. Pollen in the centre, pink petals on the outside and green leaves on the outside (with purple veins haha). The pictures don’t show it up very well but the green line had an intricate purple pattern on the inside of it! Wasn’t sure how I felt when I left the house but customers at work said it looked great so yay! Please let me know what you think! =) I really enjoyed doing this one! I was in such a great mood and decided to be a little crazier than usual! 





Products used:

MAC prep and prime for eyes, 
Maybelline colour tattoo 05 “too cool” also used as primer
Maybelline liquid precise liner in black
Maybelline colossal and falsies mascaras
Manly 180 palette for all the colours seen 
Lime Crime eyeliner in “Orchidaceous” (purple dots and lines)
LA colours jumbo pencil in “lime green” (I find it makes whatever green shadow I put over it MUCH brighter so I love using it as a base) 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Much love!

Peaches ❤


Superman eyes!

So I was looking at aaaaalll the pretty coloured glitters I got the other day – blue and red just kept jumping out at me! So I racked my brain for how I could combine the two and rather geekishly came up with superman! Obviously the photo’s are mirrored and I’m not savvy enough to turn them around so the logo looks back to front! I had a lot of fun with this look! I wore it to work and made best friends with aaaaaall the kids that came through my register! Let me know what you think! =)


Products used:

MAC prep and prime for eyes
Maybelline colour tattoo 05 “too cool” as primer
Maybelline liquid precise liner in black
Maybelline colossal and falsies mascaras
LA Colours jumbo pencil in sun kissed (across the top of the blue glitter to give my crease some extra sparkle without using more glitter!)
Manly 180 palette various shadows
Lime Crime eyeliner in “Lazuli” (for the superman symbol)
Glitter from spotlight
Glycerin glue
Red Jewels from the dollar store (the kind that come preglued on a big sheet! best investment ever!)

I’ve got a back up of looks to post I just haven’t had the chance! I hope you liked this one though!! I’ve been trying to branch out from my usual coloured eyes and use different shapes and themes! =)

Much love ❤


Green and purple glitter!


Hello my lovelies!! So the other day my sister alerted me to the fact that spotlight had a sale…….30 tubes of very fine cut and bright glitter for ……. $27!! I couldn’t help myself!!! I had to go to work but I really wanted to use it immediately so this is my version of a wearable glitter look! I haven’t used glitter quite like this before or blended it like this so it’s not as perfect as I wanted but I do have to say it looked pretty rad!! I wish my camera picked up how it sparkled!! Let me know what you think! =)







I do not understand why this picture is smaller than the others. I have a long way to go to understanding this stuff! Same original picture size…..I added this picture last and this is the 100% biggest size it will go….the other pictures are at 70% of their original size!! Oh the mysteries of the internet! haha

Products used: (Just my eyes – I figure you don’t care about the rest of my face!)
Glitter from spotlight (I mixed two greens and a purple to get the colours that you see here)
Glycerin glue to get the glitter to stick
Green’s and purples from the 180 Manly palette as a base under the glitter
Purple’s from chichi’s purple quad on my crease and blended up to the eyebrow
Nabi pencil eyeliner in black
Bourjois pencel eyeliner 54 “bleu clinquant”
Maybelline liquid precise liner in black
Maybelline colossal and falsies mascaras
Maybelline colour tattoo 05 “too cool” as primer
MAC prep and prime eye primer

I’ve started using a different eyebrow pencil and it’s totally changing my life. It’s a no name that came free with a packet of eyelashes I bought off ebay once but it’s awesome! I was using a creamier pencil by Revlon but it was SO hard to use and just looked clumpy sometimes! Just had to share my joy at a new product!

Anywho that’s all for now! I’ve got an exciting few looks planned to come up next!! Stand by for superman and much more glitter!!! =)

Much love

❤ Peaches

Glitter and rainbows!

20130525_192729 20130525_192758 20130525_192809 20130525_192831 20130525_192833

I’m feeling a little bit of blogger rage at the moment! I have very little control over how large my pictures are or what order they’re in! So I give up! Whatever they post as is what they’re going to stay as! I wish I could have gotten some of them a little bigger though so you could see the colours better!

Anywho this look is a few weeks old now and I was a little (lot) intoxicated when I took the photo’s. Which is why the lighting is out -I normally try to take photos in daylight near the window because my phone has a heart attack with the lights in my house! I didn’t get any photo’s with my eyes open that didn’t have a big dark shadow over my eyes!  Anyway I was wearing this look during the day and decided to go out that night but I didn’t really have time to change my make-up so I just made it a bit bigger and brighter and added the false lashes!! =)

The lashes cost me $1.50 from a dollar store! Bargain!

I have since changed my eyeliner pencil too – the lighting in this really brings out how odd it looks! Plus I did them in rather a hurry haha

I used my usual Manly palette, chichi quads, and face products for this. I will stop being such a lazy ass and post my products next time haha

Let me know what you think!

Much love ❤


Evening sky eyes

I’m so sorry my lovelies!! I have been neglecting you all!! Life just got on top of me for a while but I am BACK! And I promise not to be so lazy again! haha

Well I’m now back working at Coles. You’ll see the next few looks are in my work clothes – customers constantly ask where I’m going after work. Nowhere! But why can’t I do fun make-up just because! People always seemed to be stunned by this concept! Why save the fun things for special occasions when you could look fun all the time?! haha 

Anyway this is a lazy post back so I just used my regular products and the silver/black glitter are tubes I got from sportsgirl a long time ago that I dotted on =) The inspiration from this came from thinking about home (Albury) and how you can’t see the stars in the city at night here in the city!! It’s really sad! So I logically decided to wear them on my face instead! 

I’ve been taking photo’s of all my looks still and I have some VERY exciting glittery ones to come!! I fitted nearly 10 different colours of glitter onto my eyes the other day! woooo!



Let me know what you think!! =)

Much love,

Peaches ❤

Cosmetics Interview Look

20130524_140204 20130524_140220

20130524_140257 20130524_140400


So this is what I wore to a cosmetics counter interview I had on Friday…..which went really well….only there were no current job openings. A fact she told me after the interview. *FACE PALM*. Hopefully something will open soon and I’ll get it though =)

I didn’t want to go toooo overboard but I also didn’t want to mislead them – I wear things like this as part of my everyday looks. I thought it was a nice blend of – I’m good at blending and I’m a bit quirky with glitter! =) I should hear back in a week if they’re going to keep me on the books or not =) And yes I’m wearing about 15 layers of clothing because I get cold when I’m nervous!! haha

Here’s what I used:

Boujors foundation shade 51
Revlon translucent powder
La Femme blush coral spice
Maybelline Bronzer (its so old I have no idea what shade it is!)
Revlon photoready concealer 02 light pale (hilarious name for a shade btw)
Manly 180 palette for the eyebrow shadow and contour
Revlon dark brown eye pencil

MAC prep and prime eye primer
Maybelline colour tattoo 05 too cool (used as primer)
Manly 180 palette for inner corner highlight
ChiChi quads in purple and blue/green
Maybelline liquid precise liquid liner in black
Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner in black
Maybelline colossal volume mascara in black
Maybelline falsies volume express mascara in black
Glitter eyeliners I bought from sportsgirl years ago (and I wish they’d bring back!) in light and dark purples


Pawpaw balm! Love this stuff!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Much love! ❤


Beating myself up! Sfx


the state of my eyebrows is prolly why I was beaten up haha


I had to put a happy one in so it didn’t look so depressing!!! haha

So for the story I started out with just black eyes but decided that didn’t look scary enough. So I decided to be hit on the cheek bone with something fairly thin and then across the nose with the same thing (which totally didn’t work out as I planned! It does highlight that I’ve broken my nose before by emphasising that it’s not straight…that’s something I guess haha). Then I fell over onto the other cheek and lip and finally something large but flat whacked me on my forehead at which point I decided it was prolly time to stop before my whole face was just a big bruise haha I tried to imagine what had hit me and where and then where on my face most of the blood would have pooled. Kinda creepy but interesting to think about!

I’m only wearing foundation and some mascara (I couldn’t put myself on the world wide web without mascara!!!!!) and clearly I’m wearing a hoodie because I’m recovering from my terrible trauma haha

This is the first time I’ve done something like this and I realise several things about it look totally wrong! Buuuut I think I learnt a lot and next time I’d be better. I used a ridiculously cheap set of colours I got from a sex store of all places! So the quality wasn’t great but perfect for me to start out with I think! It only had black, red and yellow and I really feel it should have swapped the black for dark purple! It was just a bit hard to apply being so… black haha

Hope you enjoyed! I promise the next look will be prettier but this was so much fun! haha please leave me a comment and let me know what you think! It’s hard to objectively look at makeup you put on yourself and decide if it looks like somebody actually hit you haha

Much love! ❤